Concrete  Feed Adapters

CFA for drills and extenders

The CFA System concrete connection (adapter) connects the drill reducer to the CFA drills. The concrete pump supply hose is connected to the concrete supply opening of the CFA adapter (diameter 100 mm.). This way, the concrete enters the CFA drills through the CFA adapter and is passed through to the drilled hole.







Telescopic Handlers

Models and specifications

  • CFA adapter connection with drill reducer, square SQ 75 mm

  • CFA adapter connection with CFA drills hexagonal D-120 mm

  • Concrete supply hose diameter 100 mm

  • CFA adapter length 750 mm

More information

The CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) system is a continuous screw drilling technology. One of the most reliable ways to install bored piles. The soil is drilled with an empty drill, and when the required depth is reached, a concrete mixture is fed by pulling the drill, filling the formed empty cavity. After concreting the cavity, the reinforcement frame is installed in it. This continuous drilling technology allows the installation of solid piles in watery and slippery soils.