Warranty General Terms and Conditions


    1. Buyer - an entity to which the Seller sells equipment in accordance with the Agreement;

    2. Agreement - an order for Equipment submitted by the Buyer, including by electronic means, and accepted (executed) by the Seller or an agreement for the sale of equipment signed by both parties;

    3. Equipment - equipment, parts, components and other goods sold by the Seller to the Buyer under the Agreement;

    4. Seller - UAB Kasima, legal entity code 302752257, registered office address Mažeikių str. 17A, Telšiai;

    5. Warranty Terms - The general terms and conditions of this Warranty, including any supplements thereto, with any modifications or additional provisions specifically set forth in the Agreement or specifically agreed in writing between Seller and Buyer;

    6. Instructions for Use - Instructions for using the Equipment that come with the Equipment.


    1. The conclusion of a contract between the parties or the purchase of any Equipment shall be deemed the Buyer's consent to these Warranty Terms.

    2. The terms of this Warranty apply to any Equipment acquired from Seller.


    1. The Equipment sold by the Seller is not intended for use in any activity other than those specified in the Instructions, and the Buyer warrants that it will not use or allow others to use the Equipment for any other purpose. If this condition is violated, Seller is relieved of any liability for any damage, injury, expense or contamination. The buyer indemnifies the damage personally.

    2. Equipment must be installed, maintained and serviced in strict accordance with the operating instructions.

    3. This Warranty applies only to Equipment sold by Seller. The warranty applies exclusively to Buyers who have purchased the Equipment directly from the Seller.

    4. This warranty does not apply to:

      1. Equipment uniquely or specially made to the Buyer's order;

      2. naturally wearing parts and components of the Equipment;

      3. used equipment for sale.



  1. The Seller warrants that the Equipment will be delivered in good quality, without defects or defects that would limit the use of the Equipment for its intended purpose.

  2. The equipment is covered by a 12 (twelve) month warranty from the date of the VAT invoice issued by the Seller (which corresponds to the date of dispatch of the Goods to the Buyer).

  3. The Seller undertakes to repair the Equipment or replace defective Equipment or parts thereof at its sole discretion.

  4. The Buyer must notify the Seller about the defects of the Equipment no later than within 10 (ten) calendar days from learning about the defect. Warranty repairs performed by the seller do not extend or renew the warranty period.

  5. In the event of a question regarding the quality of the Equipment, the Buyer shall enable the Seller to perform diagnostics of the Equipment in order to identify any defects and / or defects in the Equipment. The Buyer must deliver the Equipment to the Seller and not interfere with the diagnostics performed by the Seller's authorized persons.

  6. The warranty does not apply to:

    1. any defects and / or failures of the Equipment resulting from the actions of the Buyer or third parties, including, but not limited to, installation, storage, use, operation and / or maintenance in violation of the Instructions for Use;

    2. any defects and / or failures of the Equipment due to improper maintenance, improper installation, negligence, natural disasters, accidents;

    3. any defects and / or failures of the Equipment resulting from the use of the Equipment under improper conditions;

    4. Equipment whose maintenance and / or prevention is not performed in accordance with the conditions specified in the Instructions for Use;

    5. any defects and / or failures of the Equipment due to violation of the instructions provided in the Instructions for Use;

    6. Equipment repaired or modified by Buyer or a third party;

    7. normal wear and tear, erosion and / or corrosion of the Equipment;

    8. any damage or defects caused by force majeure;

    9. for devices that install (connect) Equipment.

  7. The warranty does not cover operating or maintenance measures, including parts that may wear out during normal operation.

  8. This Warranty is void if the Buyer does not strictly adhere to the preventive maintenance schedule as set out in the User Manual.



    1. Claims must be submitted to the Seller within four 10 (ten) calendar days from the determination of the defect / failure.

    2. The claim must be submitted with the following information:

      1. A copy of the PMV invoice;

      2. clear photos and description of the defect / fault.

    3. The Seller shall examine and evaluate each claim within four 10 (ten) calendar days from the receipt of the respective claim.

    4. All warranty work must be performed by the Seller or a person authorized by the Seller, and only original spare parts of the Seller must be used for such work.

    5. All spare parts required for warranty work must be purchased only from the Seller.